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Why Hajj Flights Are Stopped Due To Coronavirus?
Why Hajj Flights Are Stopped Due To Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the most debated issue of today. It is a global issue this is the reason why it is too much discussed. It is affecting all the countries. Whether the cases are more or less . . .

How To Prepare Physically And Mentally Before Departure To Hajj?
How To Prepare Physically And Mentally Before Departure To Hajj?

A pillar of Islam (Hajj) is far from being a journey organized in a few minutes just like Umrah. To make this great pilgrimage successful, it is essential to undertake all the necessary elements. . .

Bring Essential Money When You Choose To Perform Hajj
Bring Essential Money When You Choose To Perform Hajj 2023

This year, Hajj comes on 28 July 2023. Indeed, Hajj worship is the last pillar of Islam and for Muslims, it is strictly ordered to perform the rituals, if one is enough . . .

Administrations Continue At Saudi Air Terminal's Haramain Rapid Rail Station:

Work is as yet in progress to fix harm and reestablish activities at Al-Sulaymaniyah station in Jeddah following the immense blast in September.The fast rail administration to...

Think Again, Did You Make Any Mistakes While Making Umrah Obligation?

Umrah is a journey toward the most beautiful places that is Mecca and Medina. Those Muslim who wanted to perform the small pilgrimage obligation, they must need to follow the right guidelines for making Umrah.

Hajj, An Ocean OF Humanity

Muslims from every corner of the world are united in their submission to the will of ALLAH Almighty. Few people are so overcome with the emotion that they weep, others feel delighted and happier then they have ever felt before.

Physical Fitness In Performing Hajj And Umrah

Umrah Visa 2023 from any city has to be applied by a registered Umrah travel agency. Umrah Visa is limited in the number of day's issuance. It is standard practice to give a particular days allocation for Umrah from UK..

Sauidi Umrah Visa Requirement 2023

The more physically healthy you are, the easier it would become to perform the rites and rituals associated with Umrah and Hajj. If you have decided to perform Umrah and Hajj, then it would be very significant for you to be as healthy as possible.

Pieces Of Advice Before You Leave For Umrah

Haram is the most sacred place for any Muslim. Umrah is one of the best beautiful trips of a Muslims life. Millions of Muslims perform Umrah each year If you have been blessed with the virtue of Umrah by ALLAH then you need to know a few important things to prepare for Umrah.

Ramadan CheckList

Quran reading should be a Muslims daily habit but during this holy month of Ramadan Muslims should try their best to read Quran as much as possible.

Investment in Saudi For Making Hajj & Umrah Easy

Investment possibilities agreed at Makkah economic discussion board include support for people with unique kind of wishes and ancient sites General investment cost possibilities is much high, Eight funding opportunities inside the Hajj and Umrah region had been released with the aid of the development fee on the second day of the program running which is Makkah economic forum.

How to Select Best Travel Agency for Hajj

Hajj is obligatory for a Muslim in the life for one time. The way Muslims impatiently wait for having such an opportunity it seems to be the biggest dream in their lives. For such a sacred religious act one always looks for the best services that are provided by the travel agencies. .