Bring Essential Money When You Choose To Perform Hajj

This year, Hajj comes on 28 July 2023. Indeed, Hajj worship is the last pillar of Islam and for Muslims, it is strictly ordered to perform the rituals, if one is enough capable regarding financial and physically. The final pilgrimage is considering as the toughest obligation because of completing the rituals under the hot sun. Also, Saudi’s Arabia weather is too hot in July.

Performing Hajj ritual 2023, all the pilgrim needs to bring some specific amount of money, during pilgrimage journey, so you can manage everything yourself, without any help. Keep the rule in mind, that a Hajj worship is performed with Halal source of income, if someone income comes from Haram ways then Allah Almighty can’t accept their worship.

How To Exchange Your Currency?

It’s a hundred pieces of advice to bring the Saudi’s currency with you. If you are unable to exchange the currency, then you might face some hurdles because every country accepts only their hometown currency. A pilgrim must convert their money to Saudi Riyal and denominated the currency like 5, 10, 50, 100 Riyal. How to exchange your money? Here are two ways:

• Way.1 – Convert Money From Hometown:

This option is quite helpful for every pilgrim because the exchange of Saudi’s currency is lesser. So, before traveling, convert a minimum of 450 Riyal (this amount is for emergency). However, you can exchange currency from a bank or any local exchange office.

• Way.2 - Exchange Currency When You Reach Saudi Arabia:

The next option is not useful for those who wanted to save some money because every country has its exchange rate or some hidden fees. Through the internet, you can check the current exchange rate according to the country. In Saudi Arabia, many banks can easily convert your hometown currency to Saudi’s Riyal (SA). Well, long queues are faced in the bank, so rather than line up in queues, choose the easiest mode for currency exchange.

Plan Your Budget Before You Travel For Hajj 2023:

Preparation for the Hajj tour 2023 is the essential thing that every pilgrim loves to do. Hajj worship is one of the best obligations or the roughest one and for completed this obligation, you need a handsome amount from your savings. What amount should be considered for Hajj? Well, for this manner, making a budget plan is important for instance:

1. Some Amount For Shopping:

it’s better to make a list that what you buy in Mecca and Medina, so you will set aside some amount of money.

2. Chance Of Baggage Excess:

sometimes, the baggage weight increase due to handbag and shopping, whereas the airline will charge some fine on the spot and you have to pay for it.

3. The Amount For Sacrifice:

if you don’t consider the Hajj pilgrimage package 2023, then you must set aside an amount for animal slaughter.

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