Why Hajj Flights Are Stopped Due To Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the most debated issue of today. It is a global issue this is the reason why it is too much discussed. It is affecting all the countries. Whether the cases are more or less there is hardly a single country that is saved from its invasion. The problem is worst as there is no cure for this disease. There is not a single vaccine invented or successfully tested for this disease. This is the reason why this disease is a serious threat to the whole world. They can be these reasons why Hajj flights will be stopped.

People Have To Be Saved

For making people safe and less likely to catch infection Hajj flights will be stopped. There are chances that this measure will be adopted by the government because this infection is not ceasing. The important plus point in all this is that the infection is slowing down with a change in the weather. Despite this, it is likely to cause a lot of more deaths around the world which is why flights can be severely affected. The changes in the Hajj policy can be known by the official websites available for getting such information.

Infection Is Lethal

There were chances that this infection would not have taken so seriously if the infection was not lethal. Now when everyone can notice the death toll around the world it is very important to adopt certain precautionary measures for avoiding the spread of this disease. This lethal disease is still being a cause of deaths of hundreds of people which is why a great gathering like the one at the holy city of Makkah can be e restricted.

Government Has To Impose Restrictions

Government of Saudi Arabia is compelled to impose the restrictions that would not have been imposed otherwise. People have to understand that this ban or restriction is just for their interest and not for any other reason. The same can go for Hajj flights that are very near. It can be a bit disappointing for the Muslims but they also have to understand that saving one's life is more important. People should focus on the precautionary measures that are announced and the requirements that are provided in the policy. This way they are able to fulfill the criterion required for performing the great pilgrimage.

There Is No Way Other Than That

There is no other option other than restricting the number of people coming to perform Umrah for stopping the flights altogether. The same is the case with the Hajj flights that would be stopped only if it is required in the future. The government is constantly trying to improve the system which is also very necessary but this planning is also very important. Muslims have to pray for this problem resolved as soon as possible making it easier and very normal like it was. This is the only solution to that problem.

As for Umrah flights they were stopped because there were cases reported in Saudi Arabia. the people who were traveling for performing Umrah were stopped to enter Saudi Arabia because there were chances that the disease could spread. The same is the case with the flights of Hajj. these sides are likely to be stopped due to the Coronavirus. it is not necessary that the flights are stopped because the changing season can have a dramatic effect on the recent contagious infection. despite this, the people and the concerned authorities have to be well aware of the probable consequences.

There Are Chances Of Spread

The major reason why Hajj flights can be stopped is is the chances of the spread of this infection. there is a system working in order to make people less likely to catch the disease. despite this infection is spreading from person to person. when there is a crowd where people are from different countries there are a lot of chances such infection to spread rapidly. in order to deal with such serious consequences, the flights will be stopped if required.

Government Has The Whole Responsibility

The government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the whole responsibility when it comes to the spread of this infection during Hajj or Umrah. in order to perform this responsibility in a better way the government of Saudi Arabia has decided to stop the flights that will take passengers who are coming to perform Hajj. it is not necessary that the flights are canceled. it must be taken as a precautionary measure or bit of information for the visitors. the government is inquiring into this matter carefully and in a detailed way for making arrangements better than the before.

A Lot Of People Can Be Infected

When when the infection starts spreading it is likely to infect a large number of people. when it comes to the region as Saudi Arabia infection can spread more rapidly. this is the reason why the authorities are more concerned about Hajj. this is because Hajj just great gathering in which there are a lot of people from every corner of the world gathered at one place to perform the great pilgrimage. for these arrangements have been planned on a larger scale. the authorities are thinking over making constant changes in the policy and the existing system.

The Government Had To Make Changes

Although the changes brought in Umrah policy are working well yet they have to be changed to get more for making them the best for the great pilgrimage. people are a bit concerned about the fact that the size of the ground is much reduced. there are a lot of people vying for getting the opportunity to travel to the holy city for performing pilgrimage. there are a few applications of whom will be accepted. those not fulfilling the criteria will be rejected. this can be a disappointment for a lot of people.