Haram is the most sacred place for any Muslim. Umrah is one of the best beautiful trips of a Muslims life. Millions of Muslims perform Umrah each year If you have been blessed with the virtue of Umrah by ALLAH then you need to know a few important things to prepare for Umrah.

In this article we would give you some great tips on preparations which you need to make for Umrah after you have booked yourself in a Umrah package. This would be in the form of some handy advice that would facilitate you in performing your Umrah with ease:

Complete your paper formalities well in time:

Your travel agency or respective country religious ministry would guide about all the necessary documents that you would be needing for Umrah. You may not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia if your documentation is not found in order. You may as well be deported upon landing in Saudi Arabia. Please remember that Saudi officials are very supportive for Umrah travelers in terms of facilitation, but they would never compromise on the completeness of your paper formalities. Get all the necessary vaccinations and health related certifications properly.

Select your Umrah Bag Carefully:

The bags or suitcases which you carry for the Umrah must be selected carefully. They must be of good quality and must have lock-able pockets and zippers. Never buy a bag or suitcase which cannot be locked (even the side pockets) for the safety of your luggage They must be as lightweight as possible yet strong enough to cater for rough handling on the flights. A broken handle or a lash can make it exceptionally troublesome for you to deal with and carry your bag, so buy the best your money can buy.

Weigh your Luggage:

After you have purchased every required thing for Umrah. Pack your bags or suitcases and weigh them carefully. All airlines have baggage limit rules and you may be charged pretty heavily for any extra weight.

Attend Umrah training or read related literature carefully:

Umrah has many FARAIZ. It means that missing a Faraiz would make you liable to BADL (compulsory compensation). Please learn the complete sequence of Umrah in detail with the Duas which you need to make in each part of the Umrah.

Learn to wear Ihram and Faraiz of Ihram:

Ihram has many restrictions, which are Faraiz on you when you are in the state of Ihram. Any neglect is considered a serious breach and subject to varying amounts of "Badal" depending upon the severity of the breach.It is extremely important to know the restrictions which Ihram imposes on you so that you can abide by them strictly. The wearing of Ihram (for men) is somewhat complicated and would need some practice to carry it well. You can learn the Ihram wearing techniques from elders who has done Umrah before.