Think Again, Did You Make Any Mistakes While Making Umrah Obligation?

Umrah is a journey toward the most beautiful places that is Mecca and Medina. Those Muslim who wanted to perform the small pilgrimage obligation, they must need to follow the right guidelines for making Umrah. You must know that what you have to do before you wear Ihram. If you don’t follow the rituals of before wearing Ihram, you might make a mistake. It comes in Sunnah, remove unwanted hair, trim nails or make a gusl. In case, you don’t get the time or place to make a gusl then it is better to make Wadu, as it can be a sufficient element. It is better to neglect to make a mistake while making Umrah obligation

It is better to wear the Ihram dressing before you crossing the Miqat. Have you known deeply that what is Ihram? Basically, a two-piece of dressing that is made for upper and lower.

 Perform Salat-e-Ihram:

Once a Muslim wear Ihram, thus he is obliged to perform the Sala-e-Ihram. It entirely depends on you that how many rakaat you perform. Normally, two rakaat is obliged. But the intention of performing the Salat-e-Ihram is quite different. In the first rakaat, read Surah Kafiroon and in the second rakaat simply read Surah Ikhlas.

When these two rakaat is completed, make the intention to perform Umrah, also recite the Talbiyah for about three times in a loud voice (specifically for males, females can recite in soft voice).

 What are the right intention of making Umrah? Have you known?

Umrah has a specific dua and every Muslims have to read it in a loud voice. After that, all the Umrah pilgrimage enter Masjid-e-Nabwi, preferably from the “Babus Salaam” door. Here is the right way to enter in masjid:

1. Enter while putting the right foot in the masjid 2. At the time of entering recite Bismillah 3. On the same time recite Darrod-e-Ibraheem 4. Make an intention of entering in the masjid preferably in heart 5. Make a dua that comes in mind at the same time.

 Umrah Tawaf:

Make a slight change in the top piece of Ihram dress, before performing Umrah. For instance, cover the left shoulder and let the right shoulder open. This process is known as Idtiba. Now start the seven circumstances from the Hajr-e-Aswad (it is the starting point of Tawaf).

Now you have to complete the seven circumstances while reading Talbiyah in a loud voice. Most of the time, pilgrim delay their Tawaf while wasting time in other prayer or visiting the historical place, this could be the biggest mistake while making Umrah obligation.

 Sum Up:

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