In Ramadan a person can increase the strength of his faith by following the steps mentioned below:

    1. Quran
    2. Remembrance of Allah (SWT)
    3. Community Bonding
    4. Self-Improvement
    5. Charity
    6. Avoid Distractions


Quran reading should be a Muslims daily habit but during this holy month of Ramadan Muslims should try their best to read Quran as much as possible. It is not only about reading one should understand the teachings of Quran as it is the key to the success in this life and life hereafter. Quran is divided into parts so it is convenient for Muslims to read some of the parts on daily basics and in this way the entire Quran can be completed before the completion of the month Ramadan.

Remembrance of Allah (SWT):

During Ramadan Iblees is locked down so it is the best time of the year to turn to Allah by remembering his countless blessings. Muslims make dua's and ask for Allah's forgiveness for their shortcomings and they ask for mercy for their loved ones. Dua can be made in any language, all it requires is purity of heart. Allah knows best for you, better than you, so through Dua's a Muslims seek Allah's guidance in every aspect of their lives.

Community Bonding:

During Ramadan Muslims of the entire world beyond all cultural barriers and borders fast together. This united act shows the strength of Muslim world. Muslims spend time together with their family and their loved ones. There is great benefit in spending the time together as it develops brotherhood and portrays peace. So one should try his best to meet elderly, sick and lonely people as this month is all about spreading peace and happiness.


Ramadan is the perfect time to look deeply into yourself and to identify areas in you which needs improvement or change. This kind of change can not be just done overnight so one should try his best to at least make one change during this month because changing every thing at once is just not possible and if you try to do so you will just overwhelm yourself. Our holy Prophet (PBUH) said that small improvements (consistent ones) are much better than large unsuccessful attempts. So start with less and then go for the peaks.

Avoid Distractions:

In Ramadan there are many time wasting distractions like shopping sales and Ramadan soap operas and these distractions give no benefit to us other than wasting our precious time. So one should strictly avoid these kind of things and spend his / her precious time in remembrance of Allah as Ramadan only comes once a year.


Charity is not always about the money you can just go through your closet and find some old clothes which you don't use anymore and then simply donate them. Or you can just step forward in some humanity work.

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