14 Days Super Hajj Package:

14 Days Super Hajj Package

  • Group 2A

  •   Flight tickets are included.
  •   Visa & Draft are included.
  •   Round Transportation by air-conditioned coaches.
  •   Makkah: 5* Al-Safwa Royal Orchid (Half Board).
  •   Madinah: 5* Al-Haram Hotel (Half Board).
  •   Departure: 22-July-2020
  •   Return: 05-August-2020
  •   All hotels include en-suite bathrooms
  •   EXTRA SERVICES MINA – (Motawaf), Upgraded Tents, Full Board, Sofa Bed etc.…
  •   Mazarat / Ziyārat in Madinah (Two Qibla Mosque, Uhud Mountain & Quba Mosque)
  •   Imam to accompany group throughout.
  •   Pre-Hajj Seminar
  •   Drawstring Bag for Footwear
  •   Air Cabin size bag for use during days of Hajj
  •   Pilgrim Identification Card
  •   24 Hour Access to group Guides (Including Female guide for ladies’ group)
  •   Qurbani Included
  •   +/- 1 or 2 Days might be possible depending upon the moon sighting
  • Double sharing: From £7950 PP
  • Triple sharing : From £9500 PP
  • Quad sharing : From £11500 PP
  • Itinerary

  • JULY/AUG 2020
    Wed 22nd* 1st D.H.

    Saudi Airline Direct Flight from London Heathrow Terminal 4. You have to be in the Heathrow Airport 5 hours before departure.
  • Thu 23rd* 1st D.H.
    Arrive at Medina Airport Early morning, and take a coach to check in to Medinah Al-HARAM HOTEL.
  • Fri 24th 2nd D.H.
    Visit the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad and do worship.
  • Sat 25th 3rd D.H. Mazarat (Visit Uhud Mountain, the Two Qibla Mosque and Qibaa Mosque).
  • Sun 26th 4th D.H. FREE DAY in Medina to visit the Prophet Mohammed’s Grave and Masjid.
  • Mon 27th 5th D.H.
    Leave Medinah Hotel after Friday prayer and travel to Makkah by coach. Check into AL-SAFWAH ROYALE ORCHID HOTEL late in the evening. Perform Umrah as a group once after everyone has checked in and rested.
  • Tue 28th 6th D.H. FREE DAY to enjoy being in the Haram / Masjid and a good chance to rest in preparation for performing Hajj.
  • Wed 29th 7th D.H.
    Prepare to make our way to Mina towards the end of the day, closer to midnight. We will pray Fajr in Mina.
  • Thu 30th 8th D.H.
    MINA – Spend the whole day in Mina, Day of Tarwaya (Day of Watering).
  • Fri 31st 9th D.H.

    Leaving Arafat at Night and traveling to Muzdalifa after 11pm.
  • Sat 1st 10th D.H.

    Continue to Mina early in the morning to drop your hand luggage and then immediately to throw the Jamarat.
  • Sun 2nd 11th D.H.
    Throwing Jamarat and walking to the Haram to perform Tawaf Alifadha.
  • Mon 3rd 12th D.H.
    Throw the last set of JAMARAT early in the morning and make our way back to our hotel in Makkah.
  • Tue 4th 13th D.H.
    FREE DAY - Staying in AL-SAFWAH ROYALE ORCHID HOTEL, Makkah to enjoy your stay in the Qaaba.
  • Wed 5th 14th D.H.
    Perform farewell Tawaf during the day (Tawaf Al-Wada).
  • Wed 5th* 14th D.H.
    Leave Makkah to go to Jeddah Airport. Return flight to London from Jeddah Airport.

    *All dates are subject to change, + or – 1 day. The Itinerary will be updated closer to the departure date. The dates are according to Umm El-Qurra Calendar.