15 Days Luxury Hajj Package:

15 Days Luxury Hajj Package

  • Group 1C

  •   Flight tickets are included.
  •   Visa & Draft are included.
  •   Transport included as per provision by Hajj Ministry.
  •   Makkah: Swissotel Makkah .
  •   Madinah: Dar Al Taqwa hotel .
  •  Half board whilst in both hotels Makkah & Madina.
  •  All ground transportation on air-conditioned coaches provided by the Saudi Authorities.
  •  Religious guide.
  •  Educational program throughout tour.
  •  Dedicated European tents in Mina and Arafat (full board).
  •  Qurbani (per person)
  •  Ziarats Madina (Private AC Coaches)
  •  Laundry includes.
  •  Ihram for gents & Hijab for Ladies
  •  Free Umrah guide book & miscellaneous items
  •  +/- 1 or 2 days might be possible depending upon the moon sighting
  •   Quard: £ 7295
  •   Tripple: £7895
  •   Double: £8995(Only in Madinah)
  •   Please Call: 0203-195-8700.
  • Note: All our packages are subject to availability.
  • 4th Dhul Hijjah (25/07/2020): (Meeting at London Heathrow Airport):
    We will meet and assist at London Heathrow to Depart for Jeddah Airport. Throughout the journey for your benefit there will be ground staff to help and guide you with any queries you have from UK till you return back home. Arrive at Hajj Terminal. Please note during Hajj there can be a waiting time (Approx. four to six hours). Once clearing customs, the group will depart for Makkah Hotel & check-in “Swissotel Makkah Tower” (Half Board)
  • Day1: 5th Dhul Hijjah (26/07/2020): (Rest day)
    The group will depart for makkah hotel & check-in “Swissotel Makkah Tower” (Half Board)
  • Day2: 6th Dhul Hijjah (27/07/2020): (Rest day & Group lecture)
    Advice on preparation for hajj& departure to mina. The group leader will inform about the approximate time of departure for mina according to ministry.
  • Day3: 7th Dhul Hijjah (28/07/2020): (Travel to Mina)
    Travel to Mina after Mid night (according to Ministry of Hajj).
  • Day4: 8th Dhul Hijjah (29/07/2020): (Mina Day)
    Rest Day (you can do your own Ibaada) & Group Lecture
  • Day5: 9th Dhul Hijjah (30/07/2020): (Arafat Day)
    After Fajar We leave for Arafat (The Group Leader will advise approx. time of departure for Arafat according to Ministry).
    Spend the day In Arafat Leaving Arafat after maghrib and travel to Muzdilfah. Stay in Muzdilfah the night and collect stones.
  • Day6: 10th Dhul Hijjah (31/07/2020): (Hajj Day)
    Leave to Mina after Sun rise and do Rumi at Jamarat, Qurbani, Shave Hair, go to Makkah for Tawaf-Ziyarah & return to Mina ( there is no transport from Mina to Jamarat & on return from Makkah to Mina no transport is provided).
  • Day7: 11th Dhul Hijjah (01/08/2020): (Second day of Jamarat)
    Spend the day in mina & perform Rumi at Jamarat
  • Day8: 12th Dhul Hijjah (02/08/2020): (Third day of Jamarat) (Travel to Makkah)
    This will be the third day of Jamarat. Once we have stoned all three jamarat then we leave Mina for MAKKAH before sunset. Transport will be provided by Mualim.
  • Day9: 13th Dhul Hijjah (03/08/2020): (Preparation for Madinah)
    You may utilise your time as you please & may also do your own ibaada.
  • Day10: 14th Dhul Hijjah (04/08/2020): (Travel to Madinah hotel)
    Check out from Makkah then travel to Madina by Coaches & check-in “Dar AL Taqwa Hotel Madina”
  • Day11: 15th Dhul Hijjah (05/08/2020): (Rest Day)
    You may utilise your time as you please & may also do your own Ibaada.
  • Day12: 16th Dhul Hijjah (06/08/2020): (Rest Day)
    You may utilise your time as yo